Installation is normally made along a wall at the ice resurface station. The RS unit may be installed horizontally or vertically. In order to ensure that the RS unit is properly secured a safety bracket is recommended on the exit side of the unit (not supplied). Water exiting the RS unit requires a minimum 2 foot (61 cm) straight passage prior to a hose or corner connection. The 2’ straight passage is supplied with the RS unit along with couplings (some assembly required).
Where the temperature of the water supply does not fall below 10 ° C (50 ° F) the RS unit can be connected directly to the cold water supply. In other situations a tempering valve will be required to control water temperature and a mixture of hot and cold water will be required.

NOTE: It is important to install non-return valves on hot and cold water supplies when these are joined to adjust water temperature, as siphoning can result (e.g. hot water into the cold water system). In situations where the re-surfacing tank is required to be filled in less than 7 minutes a small reserve holding tank for RS water may be required.

Typical installation Download PDF

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  • With thermostatic mixing valve & hammer arrestor valve
  • With thermostatic mixing valve
  • Manual control

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